K-BID Overview


What is K-BID?  

K-BID is an online auction venue that publishes online auctions for a large number of independent auction companies (affiliates) on our website,  

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How do the auctions work?  

Auctions on K-BID are timed online auctions.  Auctions are scheduled to end on a specific date and time and all bids are placed online.  Bidders are given the opportunity to inspect each item to determine its value and condition before the auction closes.  The difference between K-BID and some other auction websites is that winning bidders are responsible to pick-up and pay for the item during the scheduled removal date at the auction location. Shipping should not be assumed, but is available on some auctions.  

Can anyone post an auction on K-BID? 

No, K-BID Online, Inc. and Independent Affiliates are the only entities that can post auctions on K-BID.  Private parties and businesses contract with K-BID Online, Inc. and Independent Affiliates to manage the online auctions that are posted on the website. 

What is an Independent Affiliate?

An Independent Affiliate is a separate business entity that posts auctions on K-BID.  The Independent Affiliate handles all aspects of their auctions from contracting with sellers, to taking pictures, to collecting payments and resolving any issues that arise with bidders or sellers.  K-BID is acting as a venue only when it comes to Independent Affiliate Auctions.  


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