I won an item! Now what?

So you won an item(s), that's great!  So now what can you expect?  

Shortly after the auction closes, the invoice for your winning bid(s) will be posted to your dashboard.   Here you can download and print the invoice for the auction that you won (the affiliate will have a copy of your invoice, so it is not necessary to bring this with, but can be helpful). An email notifying you of your new invoice will also be sent.   

IMPORTANT:  Email can be unreliable.  Check your Dashboard for a winning bidder invoice if you have been actively bidding on an auction.  

At this time you should be well aware of the auction location and the designated time to remove your items (found on the invoice as well as the bottom of every page within the auction on  You can now go pick up your items! 


If you require shipping and the auction provides it, follow the instructions on the shipping tab of the auction.  Be sure to call the contact number on your invoice if you have specific questions about the removal or shipping.    








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