How do I know my assets will sell on

There are many factors that will make up a successful auction on

Value of the items: Buyers are only interested in the assets that are available. Higher value items will inevitably receive higher bid prices and more competition. Low value items or "garage sale" leftovers typically perform poorly and most affiliates are unable to accept them or liquidate them profitably.

Condition of the items: Assets in clean, working condition perform the best on Potential buyers make purchasing decisions based off the pictures that are provided. A clean and orderly sale location can make a potential buyer comfortable with the assets they are bidding on.

Number of buyers: Presenting your auction on already gives you a leg up when it comes to potential buyers. With nearly 10,000,000 page views each month and tens of thousands active bidders, K-BID is the premier online auction website in the Upper Midwest. However, certain auctions and situations will deserve extra exposure in order to find the "right" buyers. K-BID Affiliates have access to comprehensive marketing options and expertise to help sellers find the right target audience for their assets.

Experience: Many K-BID affiliates have years of experience in the auction field. This experience can help maximize return in the online auction format. There are many options when it comes to choosing how to liquidate your assets, make sure that you do not discount the importance that an experienced network can provide.


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